Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Final Movie

We have finally executed the final piece.


Sunday, 11 May 2008

Post Production

This is the newer Blockout:

With that said, we have finished the final environment renders. The render took approx 2min per frame and we managed to render everything in 2 days. This included some times where we paused the renders to play games or whatever.

This is the final Environment Render. Note, this doesn't have any alteration, this is straight from Maya:

Voice Over:

We managed to get hold of a nice voice artist Alan Bainbridge. His website is He has provided us his service.
We wrote a dialog that we discussed with the product designer. This was the dialog:

How fast do u wanna’ drive
Don’t miss your chance
Speed is vital
Timing is crucial
Let time turn you over
BMW, the ultimate driving machine

We gave the script to Alan where he made the voice. This was the result:

Production Part 2

As you have seen, the environment hasn’t come out as we expected it to. At this point, we really are disappointed in the outcome. Therefore, we have decided to scrap the environment and start again. We will keep the wristwatch and the vehicle but the environment must go. We looked around for further inspiration until we found this image off google:

We imagined our vehicle driving in this underground tunnel with pillars and soft lights, combined with motion blur. This kick started our hope again we we have began constructing the tunnel.

This is a screenshot showing the tunnel.

After the scene has been lit and textured, this is the outcome:

Test Shots:

The results was much better than the architectural environment we had previously. We saw the potential this new environment had especially after post production.


We presented our ideas with the product designer and he was happy with the outcome. Now that we have a greenlight, we started constructing the materials.

Wrist Watch:

This is a non-coloured version of the wrist watch.

This is a material test. We were experimenting with the best way to bring the chrome areas to realism in the fastest way.

And finally, Rahul has mixed a nice shaders for this finished watch.

For further information on the modelling of this wrist watch, visit Moe' blog at:

The BMW M6

This is the BMW M6 constructed by Rahul.

This is further render tests by Rahul. As you see, the goal was to make a realistic car.

The rim was important as we zoom right in to it nearly towards the end of the advert

For further information of the progress stages, visit Rahul's Blog at

The Environment:

This is the environment the car will be driving in.
As seen on our blockout, these are the skyscrapers.

Aerial View.

Test Shots:

We have placed the car and the environment together to see the outcome for the first time


We constructed this Blockout in a day and half. A Blockout is a visual storyboard that will aid us with the camera and how the advert would flow. Also, it would help us terminate any excessive work that won’t be seen on the camera. For example, we could model 5 skyscrapers but the camera only sees 2 of them. This is why blockout is vital before we move on to the production stage

We also browsed around for an inspiration materials as we constructed that blockout and we have gathered few stuff for inspirational use:

This picture is off google image search but when we saw this image, we immediately said to ourselves, we must construct something similar to this. This image has high contrasts with motion blurred background. You can see couple of sparkles within the white reflective stripes but this is one picture we will use throughout this project.

Project Brief


We are to make a 30sec advert of a BMW conceptual product. This product is a wristwatch as seenon the left hand side.

What we have decided is to use an exciting BMW product and merge it with this conceptual product. Therefore, we chose BMW M6 Coupe.

We came to the conclusion that this vehicle is exotic and explosive. Its audience will certainly have affection with this wrist watch. Therefore, what better way to combine the two.